The Choose Top Leg Camp is a wrestling camp that is designed to teach you to stay in good position, score, pin, and defend legs.
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The Choose Top Leg Camp is conducted in a clinic format. Each wrestling camp is designed to insure that one-on-one attention is given to each wrestler. A focus on one series (leg riding) split into separate short sessions increases retention tremendously. Coaches are welcome to come along and feel free to bring a camera so you can review the technique again in the winter.

At the Choose Top Leg Camp throwing legs is taught as a series of moves and positions. Most wrestlers learn leg moves at different times and pick up a few things on their own. This camp will show wrestlers how many of these moves work together and how to use one move to setup another.

The technique is presented with a position-based philosophy rather then a scoring-based philosophy. You will learn to throw legs with the mentality to constantly improve good position rather then becoming impatient and giving up position. Learning to constantly improve position rather then just stay in good position will enable you to score without putting yourself in danger.

Plenty of wrestlers think they know the basics of leg wrestling. This wrestling camp addresses the small details that often get overlooked. The Choose Top Leg Camp will fine tune your leg techniques so that you can throw legs and score points against the toughest opponents.

The focus of the Choose Top Leg Camp is on staying in good position and high percentage scoring moves. An entire session is dedicated to leg defense also to help you anticipate what might be coming from your opponent. And plenty of leg tricks are included too.

This wrestling camp is run by an experienced coach who is currently in the room. Coach Keel understands how to show technique in a way that is fun and easily understood by high school and youth wrestlers alike. He also puts a lot of time into research and is constantly picking up new technique from competition as well as camp participants.

"The ability to use your legs from the top position to control your opponent is one of the ultimate equalizers in scholastic wrestling." - Coach Keel
" Your camp totally changed my son's wrestling approach and career. He won district and region titles at 215 this year and took 3rd at state. He had a 41-4 record with 30 pins. Three of his four losses were decisions to a member of your Choose Top honor roll, who went undefeated for the year and won the state title. " - Steve Vanderplas
" I personally believe your Top Leg Camp helped to round Spencer out to be the superior wrestler that he got to be last year. I thought it was very thorough and wonderfully detailed, esp. with the limited three days we had with you. " - Ray Alexander
" My son attended your legs camp last year and it made him a much more dominant wrestler. As an 8th grader this year, he won VAWA middle school states at 145. He also won pre-season CAWL (aka "Beltway") at 140, was the #1 seed in the CAWL finals, and took 1st place there as well at 140. " - Kevin Baker
" Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how much we enjoyed your leg wrestling camp. I am an old Pennsylvania leg wrestler and can still do the techniques but have trouble breaking it down to teach my kids. Your step by step method is excellent not only for the kids but for me as a coach. " - Jeff Stout
" Thanks for a great clinic this past weekend. Our guys learned a lot of new stuff. If the use 10% of it they will improve big time. Good luck this season. " - Joe Radun
" The two boys that attended were the Burdette cousins and they thought it was an awesome camp and it really helped them this past season. Watching them wrestle I could see a big change in there style, They didn't panic when the legs came in on them, they could counter better and score more from the leg position. " - Jerry Burdette
" I would recommend this camp to any wrestlers wishing to learn how to ride legs or any wrestler looking to fine tune his abilities on top to make him a better wrestler. The cost of the camp is very minimal considering all the one-on-one instruction that each camper is provided. " - Danny Crotts
" Just wanted to follow-up and thank you again for your time and energy at our camp in Bradenton, Florida. The kids really liked the camp and certainly learned a different style than what were use to wrestling. " - Pat Ancil
" I have had so much fun as a dad and coach watching the boys use legs in their matches. Lots of room for improvement but I can tell using legs has given Mac confidence where it was previously missing and Cam can throw legs and enjoy the ride while the other kid scrambles to shake him loose. " - Mike Gordon
" I just wanted to give you an update on the team. Thanks for coming this summer, the kids are loving the leg riding techniques you shared. Currently we are 26-1. " - Bill Edmundson
" My son Mason (10) attended one of your leg riding camps last year... He is like a "tick" on top, kids simply can't reverse him or get him out of legs. He now dominates kids that used to beat him... He is simply a much better wrestler. Much praise and thanks to you sir! We will try to get him in one of your camps again this year. "