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Frequently asked Questions

Is my wrestler old enough for this camp?

This camp is appropriate for wrestlers with at least two years of experience.
There are a few things that you need to know:

  • Wrestlers must already have a set of skills before coming to camp, including but not limited to: bottom starting position, top starting position, cradles, half nelsons, crossface, standup, changeover, double leg, and single leg.
  • Little bodies do not normally have the balance required to stay in good position
  • Little bodies need little partners that can hold the weight and handle the pain/pressure of leg moves for two hours at a time.
  • My professional opinion is that youth wrestlers need to master a variety of other, more basic, top techniques prior to having success with leg riding.

Youth wrestlers have attended this camp in the past and responded with great feedback, but don’t expect your wrestler to get as much out of this camp as the older wrestlers.

Can coaches and parents observe?


Can we video record the camp?

I encourage it. There is a lot of content in Choose Top Leg Camp so you are more likely to remember everything if you get it on film.

Do you sell video?

Coming Soon HERE

Do you sell T-shirts?

Coming Soon. check back before the season starts in 2018.

What is involved when hosting Choose Top Leg Camp?

travel all over the place to teach folks how to run legs. 
Learn More HERE

Can I host this camp as a fundraiser?

You can host Choose Top Leg Camp at your location and you are eligible for discounts when doing so. Learn More HERE

What should I bring?

Workout clothes and wrestling shoes. Plenty to drink because access to water is different from place to place. Lunch is not provided so bring your own food to eat if there is a break.

Is this a resident camp?

No. We do not provide overnight accommodations or supervision.