The Choose Top Leg Camp is a wrestling camp that is designed to teach you to stay in good position, score, pin, and defend legs.

Interested in hosting Choose Top Leg Camp at your facility? Hosting saves travel cost and qualifies you for a discount.

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The camp is split into 2 sessions that are three hours a piece over one day or 3 sessions that are two hours over the span of three days.

The Choose Top Leg Camp is run at a low cost and hosts receive an additional discount. The standard rate is $70 per wrestler.

Three different disounts are available to the host:

  1. a cheaper fee per wrestler
  2. a fixed cost for your first 15 wrestlers
  3. a fixed cost for an unlimited number of wrestlers

Complete the form listed above to get more information and the discount rates.

Here are some expectations required from a Choose Top Leg Camp host:

  • Confirm facility availability (Choose Top is not responsible for facility fees)
  • Setup a reasonable amount of mat space for the expected number of participants. 1 to 2 full mats is standard
  • Mat setup includes application of mat tape and cleaning with disinfectant designed for wrestlers and wrestling surfaces
  • Make sure an area nearby is available, normally with a table and chair, to manage on-site registration and check-in
  • The deposit or fixed payment is sent more than two months in advance
  • Coordinate with facility staff members and coaches so our area is not shared or interrupted during the camp
  • Collect signed and complete registration forms from your wrestlers who attend
  • Confirm the availability of supervision for each of the session in its entirety by a member of your coaching staff or a facility staff member. Someone with key access to the facility needs to be onsite and nearby at all times.
  • Help market locally by:
    • sending camp information to your e-mail contact list of coaches
    • word-of-mouth
    • leaving copies of camp flyers at local tournaments
    • posting on your state's wrestling forums
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