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Technique Taught at Choose Top

The Choose Top Leg Camp is normally run over 3 two-hour sessions.  Every leg camp is a little bit different as we try to cater to the style of the majority of the wrestlers in attendance.

Session 1: Good Position and Getting the Leg In
Session 2: Powerhalf and Crossface Series
Session 3: Guillotine and Cradle/Tilt Series plus Leg Defense
Each Session Opens with Leg Tricks
Transitions and Scrambling is mixed in while teaching each series

Good Position Breakdown

  • Crossbody
  • Parallel
  • Knee Drape
  • Other Foot
  • Leg Lock

Getting the Leg In Breakdown

  • Heel First vs Knee First
  • Claw Near Side, Far Side, Roll Back
  • Cut Down
  • Ankle Cover and Drive
  • Chop and Kick
  • Cross Wrist
  • Western Hook Twist
  • Choke Float
  • Crab Ride to Leg In
  • Belly Down Openings

Scoring Series


Fix the most popular leg scoring combination so you can pin the toughest opponents. Add at least three new setups to your arsenal. Push the elbow to keep your half from being stopped by a potentially dangerous call. Counter common leg defense with a power half. Finish the power half by popping the leg out, leaving it in, or looking away with the Python finish. Transition to a crossface, half-lock, or just another power-half.


Learn to set it up and score with a standard leg-in crossface. Correct the three common mistakes. Transition to Jacob's Hook. When they slip the crossface bring the elbow back and hit the reverse crossface. Setup the Double Grapevine.

Double Grapevine

Learn the details that keep you from getting rolled. Change up the finish. Get there from different takedowns.


Change the way you always started this move to setup more offense. Learn the fundamental guillotine with changes to make it work. Adjustments when potentially dangerous is called. Transition to two different ball and chains, bars, and hammerlocks.  Learn to apply the Ohio State bar-half roll with the leg in.


Find out why NCAA titles have been won with a cross body ride. Start with fine tuning a cradle with the leg in. Then, when the defend it, transition to the headless cradle and learn the overhook tilt used by Derek Moore to win the 2007 NCAA Div 1 title at 141 lbs.

Banana Split

Change three things to make this work against tough competition. Learn what to do with common counters.

Leg Tricks

  • Sitting Spladle
  • Rolling Spladle
  • Double Spladle
  • Merkle Spladle and Cradle
  • Single/Whizzer Step Over
  • Clamp

Leg Defense

  • Leg Defense Mentallity
  • Kick
  • Hook
  • Grab and Shelf
  • Shin Throw
  • Near Arm Through + Swim the Half
  • Knock Back
  • 2 over 1 Parallel Ride Defense