The Choose Top Leg Camp is a wrestling camp that is designed to teach you to stay in good position, score, pin, and defend legs.

The Choose Top Leg Camp is normally run over 3 two-hour sessions.

Session 1: Position and Some Scoring
Session 2: More Scoring
Session 3: Leg Defense
Leg Tricks are added if time allows at the end of each session


  1. Good Position
  2. Getting the Leg In
  3. Scoring
  4. Leg Defense
  5. Leg Tricks
    Good Position
  • Cross Body
    In Base, Break Down, & On Belly
  • Parallel
    In Base, Break Down, & On Belly
  • Knee Drape
    In Base, Break Down, & On Belly
  • Other Foot
    Hook, Scissor, Reinforce, Figure Four
  • Leg Lock
    Getting the Leg In
  • Heel First
  • Knee First
  • Claw Near Side
  • Claw Far Side
    Break Down, Fast, Step Over
  • Claw Roll Back
  • Cut Down
  • Ankle Cover
  • Cross Wrist
  • Western Hook Twist
  • Belly Down Openings
    Wait and Walk, Heel Hip, Outside Figure Four
  • Crossface Series
    Learn to set it up and score with a standard leg-in crossface. Correct the three common mistakes. Transition to Jacob's Hook. When they slip the crossface bring the elbow back and hit the reverse crossface. Setup the Double Grapvine.
  • Double Grapevine
    Learn the details that keep you from getting rolled. Change up the finish. Get there from different takedowns.
  • Banana Split
    Change three things to make this work against tough competition. Learn what to do with common counters.
  • Guillontine Series
    Change the way you always started this move to setup more offense. Learn the fundamental guillotine with changes to make it work. Adjustments when potentially dangerous is called. Transition to two different ball and chains, bars, and hammerlocks.
  • Power-half Series
    Fix the most popular leg scoring combination so you can pin the toughest opponents. Add at least three new setups to your arsenal. Push the elbow to keep your half from being stopped by a potentially dangerous call. Counter common leg defense with a power half. Finish the power half by popping the leg out, leaving it in, or looking away with the Python finish. Transition to a crossface, half-lock, or just another power-half.
  • Cradle/Tilt Series
    Find out why NCAA titles have been won with a cross body ride. Start with fine tuning a cradle with the leg in. Then, when the defend it, transition to the headless cradle and learn the overhook tilt used by Derek Moore to win the 2007 NCAA Div 1 title at 141 lbs.
    Leg Defense
  • Basic Leg Defense Strategy and Mentality "Fistfight in a Phone Booth"
  • Kick and... Sit, Stand, and Float
  • Hook and... Swim, Roll, and Back Door
  • Shin Throw
  • Advanced Leg Defense Strategy and Mentality "How to beat opponents who are better at legs than you are at defending them."
  • Near Arm Through Series
    Hip Bump, Hip Down, Roll Through, Knee Block, and the KEY: Swim the leg in half
  • Never Do This Series
    Head Hunt, Reach to Grab the Foot, Guillotine Block, Guillotine Stack, More Rolls
  • Hip Trap Series
    Block and Scoot, Hook and Float, and Step and Hop
  • 2 over 1 to Counter Double Boots
    Leg Tricks
  • Sitting Spladle
  • Rolling Spladle
  • Double Spladle
  • Merkle
  • Hi-C counter
  • Step Overs
    Single Finish, Whizzer, 3/4, Shuck, Headlock Counter
  • Clamp